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Care Home: Castle View

  • 6 Priory Road Dudley West Midlands DY1 4AD
  • Tel: 01384253426
  • Fax:

  • Latitude: 52.513000488281
    Longitude: -2.085000038147
  • Manager: Mr Dharam Pal Sahni
  • UK
  • Total Capacity: 13
  • Type: Care home only
  • Provider: Mrs Sangeeta Sahni,Mr Daram Pal Sahni
  • Ownership: Private
  • Care Home ID: 4095
Residents Needs:
Old age, not falling within any other category, Dementia

Latest Inspection

This is the latest available inspection report for this service, carried out on 26th April 2010. it is an annual review prepared by CQC after examining previous reports and information from the provider. At the time of this report, CQC judged the service to be Good.

The inspector made no statutory requirements on the home as a result of this inspection and there were no outstanding actions from the previous inspection report.

For extracts, read the latest CQC inspection for Castle View.

Annual service review Name of Service: Castle View The quality rating for this care home is: The rating was made on: two star good service A quality rating is our assessment of how well a care home, agency or scheme is meeting the needs of the people who use it. We give a quality rating following a full review of the service. We call this review a ‘key’ inspection We do an annual service review when there has been no key inspection of the service in the last 12 months. It does not involve a visit to the service but is a summary of new information given to us, or collected by us, since the last key inspection or annual service review.   Has this annual service review changed our opinion of the service?   No You should read the last key inspection report for this service to get a full picture of how well outcomes for the people using the service are being met. The date by which we will do a key inspection: Name of inspector: Jean Edwards Date of this annual service review: 1 6 0 3 2 0 1 0 Annual Service Review Page 1 of 7 Information about the service Address of service: 6 Priory Road Dudley West Midlands DY1 4AD 01384253426 Telephone number: Fax number: Email address: Provider web address: Name of registered provider(s): Name of registered manager (if applicable) Mr Dharam Pal Sahni Conditions of registration: Category(ies) : dementia old age, not falling within any other category Conditions of registration: Mrs Sangeeta Sahni,Mr Daram Pal Sahni Number of places (if applicable): Under 65 Over 65 13 0 0 13 The maximum number of service users who can be accommodated is: 13 The registered person may provide the following category of service only: Care Home Only (Code PC) To service users of the following gender: Either Whose primary care needs on admission to the home are within the following categories: Old age, not falling with in any other category (OP) 13 Dementia (DE) 13 Have there been any changes in the ownership, management or the Yes service’s registration details in the last 12 months? If yes, what have they been: Date of last key inspection: Date of last annual service review (if applicable): Brief description of the service Castle View is a large Victorian property on the main road, located within easy walking distance of Dudley town centres and therefore closes to all public amenities. There is a Annual Service Review Page 2 of 7 None small car park to the rear of the property and a garden with a patio area. There are steps leading to the front door. Access for wheelchair users are to the rear of the home, via the garden. Castle View is registered to care for 13 older people and has 9 single bedrooms and 2 double rooms. Service users accommodation is on two floors, accessed by a stair lift. Service users rooms are individually decorated and reflect the service users own taste. If service users wish to bring some of their own furniture, this can be arranged, following discussion with the registered manager. There is one assisted bathing facility on the first floor. There are two toilets on the ground floor and one on the first floor. There are two lounges and a dining room, situated on the ground floor. Communal areas are decorated and furnished to a good standard. A statement of purpose and service user guide is available to inform residents of their entitlements. Information regarding fee levels is included in the published statement of purpose and service user guide and ranges from £353 to £405 per week; there are no third-party top-up fees charged at this home. There are additional charges for residents, which include hairdressing, private chiropody, and toiletries. People are advised to contact the home for up to date information about fees. Annual Service Review Page 3 of 7 Service update since the last key inspection or annual service review: What did we do for this annual service review? We looked at all the information that we have received, or asked for, since the last key inspection or annual service review. This included: The annual quality assurance assessment (AQAA) that was sent to us by the service. The AQAA is a self-assessment that focuses on how well outcomes are being met for people using the service. It also gave us some numerical information about the service. Surveys returned to us by people using the service and from other people with an interest in the service. Information we have about how the service has managed any complaints. What the service has told us about things that have happened in the service, these are called notifications and are a legal requirement. The previous key inspection and the results of any other visits that we have made to the service in the last 12 months. Relevant information from other organisations. What other people have told us about the service. What has this told us about the service? The home sent us their Annual Quality Assurance Assessment (AQAA) when we asked for it. It was clear and gave us the information we asked for. We looked at the information in the AQAA. Our judgement is that the home is still providing a good service and that they know what further improvements they need to make. Information should be expanded in the AQAA to demonstrate continuous improvement. The home provides good support for each person currently living there to maintain individual lifestyles. We are told that people living in the home are happy there. We are told that people living at the home are encouraged to be as independent as possible and are involving in the running of the home, through meetings and surveys. The homes AQAA states that all persons are happy and contented with their lifestyle, with evidence available in surveys, care plans, and care reviews. The AQAA informs us of what the home does well, We strongly feel that our service is offering a top quality care and commitment by both staff and management. We have invested a lot of time and energy in developing our staff and monitoring procedures. Our Inspection Report, Statement of Purpose, Business Plan, our comprehensive Quality Assurance System all points to the fact that our home is well managed. At our home we make time to listen to our service users and others. Staffing numbers and skill mix are appropriate to the assessed needs of the service users, the size, layout and purpose of the home, at all time. Our home provides a good standard of care in comfortable and homely Annual Service Review Page 4 of 7 surroundings. There are flexible routines, which provide residents with choice. At our home we treat all residents with the dignity. Their preferences and choices are always met wherever possible. Equality and diversity is also promoted well at the home. The standard of catering is good and our residents can confirm that they are pleased with meals. There are good arrangements for handling and responding to complaints. There are good arrangements for recruiting of new staff and arrangements for ensuring staff are well trained. All our staff have now completed all the necessary mandatory training required within out business. The AQAA informs us the following improvements made in the last 12 months, Both the Registered Provider and the Registered Manager have gained valuable qualifications in NVQ Level 4 in Health and Social Care and Registered Managers Award. The Registered Provider who is also the Registered Manager of our sister Home nearby is a fully qualified RGN nurse with specialist diabetic knowledge. The deputy also holds an NVQ Level 4 in Health and Social Care. By working as a team together with ALL our staff members our Home now operates at a higher level. All relevant training has now been met, further development of staff NVQ -levels is now being undertaken. There is now a better recording and monitoring system at the home, frequent staff meetings are held. There has been regular staff supervision and appraisals at the home. There have been spot checks carried out at the Home by the proprietors- even in the middle of the night! We are efficient in implementing safeguards and workable procedures in place. In particular, we have now adopted the Abbey Pain Scale as a guide/ support to our care team to identify levels of pain, particularly night staff, and to ensure a degree of consistency with regards to reporting and recording on service users in pain. The AQAA tells us that there has been one complaint in the past 12 months, investigated within 28 days, not upheld. Surveys contained mainly positive comments, for example a visiting professional stated, staff often assist us when we are visiting patients in Castle View, very informative, able to deal with any situations regarding our patients if any problems in between our visits, helpful, pleasant. The quality rating for this service is Two Stars. This means people who use this service experience good quality outcomes. This quality rating was made at the last Key Inspection on 31 January 2008. The home continues to let us know about things that have happened since our last key inspection and they have shown that they have managed any issues well. They work well with us and have shown us that their service continues to provide good outcomes for the people who use it. What are we going to do as a result of this annual service review? We are not going to change our inspection plan, and will do a key inspection by the 30 January 2011. However we can inspect the service at any time if we have concerns about the quality of the service or the safety of the people using the service. Annual Service Review Page 5 of 7 Annual Service Review Page 6 of 7 Reader Information Document Purpose: Author: Audience: Further copies from: Annual service review CQC General Public 0870 240 7535 (national contact centre) Our duty to regulate social care services is set out in the Care Standards Act 2000. The content of which can be found on our website. Helpline: Telephone: 03000 616161 Email: Web: We want people to be able to access this information. If you would like a copy of the findings in a different format or language please contact our helpline or go to our website. © Care Quality Commission 2010 This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part in any format or medium for non-commercial purposes, provided that it is reproduced accurately and not used in a derogatory manner or in a misleading context. The source should be acknowledged, by showing the publication title and © Care Quality Commission 2010. Annual Service Review Page 7 of 7 - Please note that this information is included on under license from the regulator. Re-publishing this information is in breach of the terms of use of that website. Discrete codes and changes have been inserted throughout the textual data shown on the site that will provide incontrovertable proof of copying in the event this information is re-published on other websites. The policy of is to use all legal avenues to pursue such offenders, including recovery of costs. You have been warned!

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The Provider has not yet updated their profile and added details of the services and facilities they offer. If you are the provider and would like to do this, please click the "Do you run this home" button under the Description tab.

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