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Care Home: Honey Lane Care Home

  • Honey Lane Waltham Abbey Essex EN9 3BA
  • Tel: 01992718558
  • Fax: 01992653463

Residents Needs:
Old age, not falling within any other category, Dementia

Latest Inspection

This is the latest available inspection report for this service, carried out on 19th April 2010. it is an annual review prepared by CQC after examining previous reports and information from the provider. At the time of this report, CQC judged the service to be Good.

The inspector made no statutory requirements on the home as a result of this inspection and there were no outstanding actions from the previous inspection report.

For extracts, read the latest CQC inspection for Honey Lane Care Home.

Annual service review Name of Service: Honey Lane Care Home The quality rating for this care home is: The rating was made on: two star good service 2 8 0 1 2 0 0 9 A quality rating is our assessment of how well a care home, agency or scheme is meeting the needs of the people who use it. We give a quality rating following a full review of the service. We call this review a ‘key’ inspection We do an annual service review when there has been no key inspection of the service in the last 12 months. It does not involve a visit to the service but is a summary of new information given to us, or collected by us, since the last key inspection or annual service review.   Has this annual service review changed our opinion of the service?   No You should read the last key inspection report for this service to get a full picture of how well outcomes for the people using the service are being met. The date by which we will do a key inspection: Name of inspector: Bernadette Little Date of this annual service review: 1 8 0 3 2 0 1 0 Annual Service Review Page 1 of 8 Information about the service Address of service: Honey Lane Waltham Abbey Essex EN9 3BA 01992718558 01992653463 Telephone number: Fax number: Email address: Provider web address:   Name of registered provider(s): Name of registered manager (if applicable) Towertrend Limited Conditions of registration: Category(ies) : dementia old age, not falling within any other category Conditions of registration: One person, under the age of 65 years, who requires care by reason of dementia Persons of either sex, aged 65 years and over, who require care by reason of dementia (not to exceed 41 persons) Persons of either sex, aged 65 years and over, who require care by reason of old age only (not to exceed 8 persons) The total number of service users accommodated must not exceed 41 persons Have there been any changes in the ownership, management or the Yes service’s registration details in the last 12 months? If yes, what have they been: Date of last key inspection: Date of last annual service review (if applicable): Brief description of the service Annual Service Review Page 2 of 8 Number of places (if applicable): Under 65 Over 65 2 0 41 8 The registered manager is no longer in post. 2 8 0 1 2 0 0 9 Honey Lane Care Home is a 2-storey purpose built home providing care for people over the age of 65. Residents bedrooms and communal areas are situated on the ground floor with administration office and staff room on the 1st floor. The home is divided in to three separate areas i.e. Forest (2 units), Abbey and Saxon. The home has a large car park. The home is located about 2 miles from the centre and main shopping area of Waltham Abbey. It is on a main bus route and there is good access by road as the home is in close proximity to the M25. The current scale of charges at the home ranges between £438.00 - £902.00 per week, as advised by the manager on the day of the site visit. The actual fee depends on the source of funding, assessed care needs and/or type of accommodation available i.e. double/single bedroom. There are additional charges for items of a personal nature. The homes Statement of Purpose and Service User Guide are available from the home. Annual Service Review Page 3 of 8 Service update since the last key inspection or annual service review: What did we do for this annual service review? We looked at the report that was written as a result of the homes last key inspection of 28 January 2009. This included a site visit to Honey Lane when an inspector spent time at home with residents and staff and looked at the premises as well as a sample of records, policies and practices. We asked the manager to complete an Annual Quality Assurance Assessment (AQAA). This is for the manager to review and report on how well the service they provide meet the expected outcomes of the people using the service. It also gave us some numerical information about the service. We spoke to the operations manager by telephone to clarify some information in the AQAA and the current management situation at the home. We looked at the information that we received, or asked for about Honey Lane since the last inspection. This includes what the service has told us about things that happened in the home, these are called notifications and are a legal requirement. We sent surveys to the manager to give to residents, staff and health/social care professionals asking them to tell us how they think the home is run. What has this told us about the service? At the last inspection, the home was judged as providing good quality outcomes for people using the service. The inspection report notes that care outcomes of residents were generally observed as positive, all comments received about the staff at Lane were positive and complimentary, residents health care needs were met and that a new manager has been appointed since the last inspection who had demonstrated a number of changes and improvements in the time they had been in post. These included a new menu system to ensure residents received a range of choices of nutritional and enjoyable foods, the recruitment of more permanent staff to support more continuity and consistency of care for residents, improvements to the more recent recruitment procedures to safeguard people using the service and procedures to ensure that staff make themselves aware of the care needs of the people they are supporting through care documentation to help them meet these more effectively. Requirements were made in relation to care documentation, recruitment records in relation to agency staff, induction and training for the staff group in dementia care to ensure that these continued to progress. There have been two subsequent changes of manager at Honey Lane and we have been very recently advised by the operations manager that a permanent, experienced and suitably qualified manager has been recruited and will be appointed to post in the very near future subject to relevant references and checks being completed. A manager completed this years AQAA and returned it to us within the timescale specified. It is clear and relevant and gives us the information we asked for. The Annual Service Review Page 4 of 8 managers AQAA advises of improvements made since the last inspection that include redesigning the care plan is to simplify them and more fully reflect the individual needs of the residents. This is supported by an ongoing training programme with the staff taking over the role of care planning as they are the people who administer the care. The AQAA also tells us that they could focus more on individual needs and capabilities of residents living with dementia and that as a company, they have embarked on a rolling programme involving Dementia Care Matters. This is a body of experts focusing on feelings based care aiming to eradicate remnants of old culture task based care through nurturing and creating awareness among staff, management and families. The AQAA also clearly identifies that all staff, including agency staff, are now subject to robust recruitment procedures and staff are provided with full induction training to Skills for Care standards. The managers have notified us of relevant matters including any events that happened at the home that could have affected the well-being of people living there. The numerical information attached to the AQAA tells us that one complaint has been received and investigated in the past year but was not upheld. It also tells us that one safeguarding concern has been raised, referred or investigated under safeguarding procedures. However the Commission had been informed by the previous manager of a second event that had been referred, where the safeguarding team were satisfied for the manager to investigate and deal with the issue in house. No further action was taken in either case. The Commission has not received information of any concerns regarding Honey Lane since the key inspection. We have been copied into a letter regarding another issue but where the relative of a resident at Honey Lane wrote that they were completely satisfied with the care (resident) received at Honey Lane. Information received from nine staff confirmed they would know what to do if anyone had a concern about the home. Surveys received from four residents told us that know how to make a complaint and three said there was someone that they could talk to informally if they were not happy. Surveys received from residents/relatives told us that they had all received enough information to help them decide if the home was the right place for them before they moved in, and while one person indicated dissatisfaction in some areas, the majority indicated that they received the care and support they need, including medical care, that staff are available when needed and listen to them, that they usually like the meals at the home, that there are activities that they can take part in if they want to and that the home is usually kept fresh and clean. One person included the comments staff are good, the older ones are better, more patient, should limit the age group as some are too young. The food is lovely but is never hot and those who cannot feed themselves have to have it nearly always cold... need more staff... Comments on what the home could do better include make sure we get the right clothes back and there is always room for improvement but on the whole all staff worked very hard and their efforts are much appreciated. Comments on what the home does well include keep it clean and look after the ladies, and cater for their needs and Honey Lane is a homely and happy home for the residents, (relative) has settled in very well and has made many friends partly due to the activities teams Annual Service Review Page 5 of 8 efforts to get them involved with each other. Staff surveys received confirmed that they were safely recruited, that their induction covered what they needed to know to do the job when they started and that they are being given training that helps them to understand and meet the individual needs of people they support. Staff also tell us that overall, they are given up-to-date information about the needs of the people they care for and that communication systems work well, there are usually enough staff to meet the individual needs of older people who use the service, they feel they have enough support, experience and knowledge to meet the needs of the people who live at the home and that their manager gives them enough support and meets with them to discuss how they are working. Suggestions for improvements were employ staff that are capable and responsible enough to do their duty, better management, continue developing person centred care, lots more outings and have more options for residents during the day. Comments from staff on what the home does well included we all work as a team, everyone is always helpful, friendly environment, makes the residents feel like this is their home, excellent care, happy atmosphere , a big happy family, Honey Lane has sufficient resources to support and meet the needs of service users and treat residents well. All the staff are very caring to residents at the home. Surveys from health professionals told us that the services assessment arrangements ensure that accurate information is gathered and the right service is planned for people, that residents social and health care needs are properly monitored, reviewed and met, that it seeks advice and acts upon it to meet peoples social and health care needs and improve their well-being and that the managers and staff have the right skills and experience to support these for residents. They confirmed that in their view, the care service supports people to live the life they choose wherever possible, that peoples privacy and dignity are respected and that the service has always responded appropriately to any queries or concerned raised. The suggestions for improvements were there could be more activities and outings available for residents and perhaps a pat dog visit would be stimulating and my only concern is the degree of support staff receive, they frequently extend themselves beyond duty and this makes them very busy. Comments on what the home does well include staff are well trained and kind, not just dutiful. There is a nice atmosphere, home from home so to speak, I am impressed that care is very client centred, manager and deputy manager try hard to understand the needs of the clients, help settle them ... staff are good at giving feedback and information and following through instructions.. the staff are very receptive to engaging new strategies to manage clients are behavioural problems and difficulties. We enjoy a good rapport with the staff at honey Lane and the care at Honey Lane is the best residential care for demented patients I have ever encountered. They are caring, quick to respond to needs and professional. While there have been a number of changes in management at Honey Lane, the registered provider as kept us informed of these and of the arrangements in place to ensure continued appropriate management of the service. The managers AQAA tells us that the home has systems in place to gather the views of people using the service and other significant people in their life and use this information to implement Annual Service Review Page 6 of 8 improvements. These include a continuing complete refurbishment of the home. Based upon the information available at the time of completing this Annual Service Review we consider that the quality of the service has not changed since our last inspection and that the home continues to provide a good service to the people who live at Honey Lane. What are we going to do as a result of this annual service review? At this time, we are not going to change our inspection plan and will do a key inspection by 27 January 2012. However we can inspect the service at any time if we have concerns about the quality of the service or the the safety of the people using the service. Annual Service Review Page 7 of 8 Reader Information Document Purpose: Author: Audience: Further copies from: Annual service review CQC General Public 0870 240 7535 (national contact centre) Our duty to regulate social care services is set out in the Care Standards Act 2000. The content of which can be found on our website. Helpline: Telephone: 03000 616161 Email: Web: We want people to be able to access this information. If you would like a copy of the findings in a different format or language please contact our helpline or go to our website. © Care Quality Commission 2010 This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part in any format or medium for non-commercial purposes, provided that it is reproduced accurately and not used in a derogatory manner or in a misleading context. The source should be acknowledged, by showing the publication title and © Care Quality Commission 2010. Annual Service Review Page 8 of 8 - Please note that this information is included on under license from the regulator. Re-publishing this information is in breach of the terms of use of that website. Discrete codes and changes have been inserted throughout the textual data shown on the site that will provide incontrovertable proof of copying in the event this information is re-published on other websites. The policy of is to use all legal avenues to pursue such offenders, including recovery of costs. You have been warned!

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The Provider has not yet updated their profile and added details of the services and facilities they offer. If you are the provider and would like to do this, please click the "Do you run this home" button under the Description tab.

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