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Care Home: Kilkee Lodge Residential Home

  • 297 Coggeshall Road Braintree Essex CM7 9ED
  • Tel: 01376342455
  • Fax: 01376342466

  • Latitude: 51.881000518799
    Longitude: 0.57499998807907
  • Manager: Mrs Paula Jean Winestein
  • UK
  • Total Capacity: 80
  • Type: Care home only
  • Provider: Kilkee Lodge Care Homes Limited
  • Ownership: Private
  • Care Home ID: 9114
Residents Needs:
Old age, not falling within any other category

Latest Inspection

This is the latest available inspection report for this service, carried out on 11th June 2010. CQC found this care home to be providing an Good service.

The inspector made no statutory requirements on the home as a result of this inspection and there were no outstanding actions from the previous inspection report.

For extracts, read the latest CQC inspection for Kilkee Lodge Residential Home.

What the care home does well Overall the residents are very happy living at Kilkee Lodge. When issues or complaints arise the management team are good at dealing with them objectively and have the residents` best interests at heart. The management team are keen to continually improve the quality of life for residents and sign up for local initiatives to help them do this. Care management at the home is sound and the monitoring tools put in place help to ensure that residents care is frequently reviewed. Social activities in the home are generally very good and the residents have access to many resources that have been built up. The staff team is quite stable and turnover primarily relates to maternity leave. Staff training is good and management supervision is in place. What the care home could do better: The care team need to continue to develop a more person centred approach to care planning and to develop an assessment of social care needs to see if they are doing all they can to promote residents` independence, the retention of skills and self worth. Consideration should also be given to providing some staff training on condition associated with old age, such as diabetes etc. and sensory disabilities. Random inspection report Care homes for older people Name: Address: Kilkee Lodge Residential Home 297 Coggeshall Road Braintree Essex CM7 9ED two star good service 26/09/2008 The quality rating for this care home is: The rating was made on: A quality rating is our assessment of how well a care home, agency or scheme is meeting the needs of the people who use it. We give a quality rating following a full review of the service. We call this review a ‘key’ inspection. This is a report of a random inspection of this care home. A random inspection is a short, focussed review of the service. Details of how to get other inspection reports for this care home, including the last key inspection report, can be found on the last page of this report. Lead inspector: Diane Roberts Date: 1 1 0 6 2 0 1 0 Information about the care home Name of care home: Address: Kilkee Lodge Residential Home 297 Coggeshall Road Braintree Essex CM7 9ED 01376342455 01376342466 Telephone number: Fax number: Email address: Provider web address: Name of registered provider(s): Name of registered manager (if applicable) Mrs Paula Jean Winestein Type of registration: Number of places registered: Conditions of registration: Category(ies) : Kilkee Lodge Care Homes Limited care home 80 Number of places (if applicable): Under 65 Over 65 80 old age, not falling within any other category Conditions of registration: 0 Persons of either sex, aged 65 years and over, who require care by reason of old age only (not to exceed 80 persons) Date of last inspection Brief description of the care home Kilkee Lodge is a purpose built home for older people. All rooms are single with ensuite facilities. The home is built on two floors with a lift. It is able to meet the needs of people that require assistance with personal care and mobility. The home comprises of several lounges, dining and conservatory areas. There is a large, secure courtyard, which is decorated with tubs and provides seating for residents. The home is situated near to Braintree town centre, local amenities, shops and GP surgery. 2 6 0 9 2 0 0 8 Care Homes for Older People Page 2 of 10 Brief description of the care home The fees for the home are from £482.00 to £536.00 a week. Additional costs include personal items, hairdressing and chiropody. Care Homes for Older People Page 3 of 10 What we found: We visited the home early on a Friday morning. When we arrived, staff were helping residents with breakfast and personal care. Some residents were up and washed and dressed whilst others were not. Some were eating in the dining room and some in their own rooms. Residents appeared to have choice and where they needed help, staff were seen to be assisting sensitively. We looked at several standards whilst in the home that related to either regulatory requirements set at the last key inspection or from matters raised within residents/relatives surveys returned to us. Residents have information available to them at the time of assessment and/or admission. This includes the service users guide, a brochure and guidance on what to bring into the home. The brochure does contain out of date information. We looked at three care plans in relation to regulatory requirement set at the last inspection. This related to pain management and residents emotional and mental health needs. This was seen to be much improved with care plans in place for such assessed needs. The care plans were sufficiently detailed to guide staff and ongoing management was clear. The manager says that work was undertaken with staff on the development of person centred care planning and said that whilst this had improved it has slipped a little and they need to work on it again with staff. We agree that the care team need to developed a more person centred approach to care planning and management as residents preferences, choices and abilities are generally missing from the plans. All the residents are weighed weekly and good nutritional records are in place, including food and fluid intake monitoring charts. Quite a high percentage of residents in the home are nutritionally monitored to a high level. The manager and the deputy review the care plans of residents who are causing concern every week to ensure that the correct care management is in place. On discussion, the manager, even in such a large home, knows the residents and their current situations well, if it be social, physical or emotional issues that may be affecting them. The manager is signed up to a local authority scheme, called A Better Home Life, where they work to improve the quality of life for people living in care homes. Residents in the home have access to and use the call bell system as they need to. Many of the residents in Kilkee Lodge are mentally alert and are able to use the system. When we arrived just after 9 a.m, the call bells were being used a lot as residents were undertaking and being helped with personal care. As the morning went on, call bells were only being used occasionally. Residents were in their rooms, the lounges or attending activities. Just before lunch, residents want to use the toilet and the call bells are used a lot and staff were observed to be answering these as quickly as they could. A resident we spoke to said she had called for the toilet but was not desperate and did call as a matter of routine before lunch and expected a little wait. Answering the call bell at Kilkee Lodge is an ongoing issue that is raised by residents and relatives and there are peak times when residents use the system and staff cannot always answer all of them straight away. People find the tone of the ring irritating and the manager is looking into this to see if it can be changed. The manager currently has a system whereby call bell answering can be Care Homes for Older People Page 4 of 10 monitored and reviewed but at the current time this is not working. It may be valuable to fix this so residents and relatives can see the real picture of call bell answering and the matter can be discussed at residents meetings. The activities officers are good at fund raising and do hold events outside the home for families and local people to support the social fund at the home. Residents also choose to go to these events. The team also use volunteers to help with one to one social activities and this is via a local residents and relatives association and this is proving popular as the volunteers have the time to spend on residents particular preferences, such as history or playing Scrabble. Social care records have improved since our last visit and there is clear evidence of residents having access to both group and individual social activities. The care plans still lack an assessment of social care needs which would enable staff to work, through social care with the resident to help them perhaps, retain a skill, be independent or improve their feelings of self worth. This was discussed with the manager. The manager gave examples of residents helping out in the home at mealtimes, laying tables, going to the library and holding musical afternoons. The team just need to work on this aspect of social care as well as the entertainment side. One care plans seen did have more of an assessment based approach, identified the residents need to feel helpful. Activities records, were quite detailed and showed that residents have choice and do, for example, games, puzzles and quizzes, have slide shows, exercise classes, go to church services, have films, do crafts, spend time in the garden/courtyard and have entertainers in such as classical pianists. The tables were laid nicely for lunch and when we walked around the home residents were seen to have access to drinks in their rooms and the lounges. We looked at the managers complaint management system. The manager keeps good record of all the complaints received and all are logged, however minor. Records are comprehensive and evidence of investigation are available. In the last 12 months the manager has dealt with 13 complaints. These covered missing items, door closures, medication errors and minor care issues. The manager has an objective approach to complaints and tries to ensure that complainants are satisfied with the outcome. Records show that the team at the home deal with any adult protection matters correctly and where need be refer on behalf of residents. We had a look around the home with the manager. The home is very clean and well maintained. An ongoing refurbishment plan is in place and residents are involved in choosing paint colours and will be asked about their choices for new curtains that are planned. The corridors remain, overall very bare and the manager needs to consult with residents what they would like to see, if anything, on the walls in the corridors. Since we last visited the residents now have access to a large summer house in the courtyard and this provides shade and shelter and could be used by a large number of people. The manager has also developed a cool/quiet room that contains an air conditioning unit should residents wish to use it. A new hair dressing room has also been put in place and the manager plans to decorate this appropriately. Signage is generally good around the home and where they wish, residents have pictures on their bedroom doors. A large home cinema screen has also been purchased for use when showing films etc. Since we last visited the home the manager and her deputy have worked hard on getting Care Homes for Older People Page 5 of 10 the staff supervision system properly into place and are pleased with the current system. This now consists of one to one meetings, observational support and group sessions and records show that supervision is taking place. The manager acknowledges that there have been issues with the performance of some new younger staff recently and now this has been addressed. The manager said that she is careful with recruitment and she has to consider younger people who apply under government schemes. There are currently no vacancies as three new staff are about to start work at the home. These staff are more mature and have experience in the care industry. The current staffing levels for 79 residents are 14 care staff in the morning and this includes 2 senior staff. In the afternoon this drops to 12 and at night 6 staff are on duty. More staff are rostered on duty to cover escorts etc. In addition to this the activity officers are working as well. The manager says that 14 staff are the baseline and that she reviews dependency levels regularly to see if more staff are needed. In addition to this the deputy manager is on duty and will help on the floor when needed. At the current time 35 of the care staff team have achieved an NVQ qualification, which takes the team over the 50 trained, desired level Training records show that compliance with statutory training such as manual handling and fire safety is good. Staff also attend session on infection control and some have attended a course on dementia awareness. The management team need to ensure that they keep up to date with training and consideration should be given to providing training on conditions associated with old age, such as diabetes, to key staff in the first instance. On discussion with the deputy manager, she is very aware of the staff teams current training needs and sessions that are planned. The manager acknowledges that staff need some training in awareness of sensory disabilities and will look into this. Residents who commented said they create a happy comfortable atmosphere in which to live, they need better night staff who will listen to wakefull residents, Kilkee Lodge is excellent, I have been here x ears and my room is cleaned every day, the senior and established staff are very good, meal sizes are good and alternatives are available, staff are friendly and approachable and treat the residents with dignity and respect, very efficient laundry, the food is sometimes cold by the time it is served, sometimes new or agency staff are not aware of sensory disabilities, the staff are all very friendly and easy to get on with, the food is great, tasty and varied and there are plenty of activities to keep us residents busy, they look after us well and they will look into any complaints, the home is very well run, we are all looked after very well and have no complaints really, staff are polite, the food is good, the home is clean and the activities staff are very good, some carers are not as good as they should be but most are very caring, staff sometimes take time to answer call bells but we realise that some residents call for no reason, the staff are kind and caring, they do activities well, I have choice and privacy when I want it. Relatives who commented said an efficient service is provided in all areas relating to care, meals and cleaning,the food is very good and there is plenty of it, the rooms are all clean, my relative choose the home themselves and all in all they are very happy, I find the staff very pleasant and most of them are very kind, all the carers are cheerful and friendly and have more staff as some residents have to wait sometimes for a Care Homes for Older People Page 6 of 10 response when they have requested assistance. What the care home does well: What they could do better: If you want to know what action the person responsible for this care home is taking following this report, you can contact them using the details set out on page 2. Care Homes for Older People Page 7 of 10 Are there any outstanding requirements from the last inspection? Yes £ No R Outstanding statutory requirements These are requirements that were set at the previous inspection, but have still not been met. They say what the registered person had to do to meet the Care Standards Act 2000, Regulations 2001 and the National Minimum Standards. No. Standard Regulation Requirement Timescale for action Care Homes for Older People Page 8 of 10 Requirements and recommendations from this inspection: Immediate requirements: These are immediate requirements that were set on the day we visited this care home. The registered person had to meet these within 48 hours. No. Standard Regulation Requirement Timescale for action Statutory requirements These requirements set out what the registered person must do to meet the Care Standards Act 2000, Regulations 2001 and the National Minimum Standards. The registered person(s) must do this within the timescales we have set. No. Standard Regulation Requirement Timescale for action Recommendations These recommendations are taken from the best practice described in the National Minimum Standards and the registered person(s) should consider them as a way of improving their service. No Refer to Standard Good Practice Recommendations Care Homes for Older People Page 9 of 10 Reader Information Document Purpose: Author: Audience: Further copies from: Inspection Report Care Quality Commission General Public 0870 240 7535 (telephone order line) Our duty to regulate social care services is set out in the Care Standards Act 2000. Copies of the National Minimum Standards –Care Homes for Older People can be found at or got from The Stationery Office (TSO) PO Box 29, St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1GN. Tel: 0870 600 5522. Online ordering from the Stationery Office is also available: Helpline: Telephone: 03000 616161 Email: Web: We want people to be able to access this information. If you would like a summary in a different format or language please contact our helpline or go to our website. © Care Quality Commission 2010 This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part in any format or medium for noncommercial purposes, provided that it is reproduced accurately and not used in a derogatory manner or in a misleading context. The source should be acknowledged, by showing the publication title and © Care Quality Commission 2010. Care Homes for Older People Page 10 of 10 - Please note that this information is included on under license from the regulator. Re-publishing this information is in breach of the terms of use of that website. Discrete codes and changes have been inserted throughout the textual data shown on the site that will provide incontrovertable proof of copying in the event this information is re-published on other websites. The policy of is to use all legal avenues to pursue such offenders, including recovery of costs. You have been warned!

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The Provider has not yet updated their profile and added details of the services and facilities they offer. If you are the provider and would like to do this, please click the "Do you run this home" button under the Description tab.

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