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Care Home: Cranford Nursing Home

  • 15 Cranford Avenue Exmouth Devon EX8 2HS
  • Tel: 01395263295
  • Fax: 01395267273

  • Latitude: 50.618000030518
    Longitude: -3.3949999809265
  • Manager: Martin David Ough
  • UK
  • Total Capacity: 26
  • Type: Care home with nursing
  • Provider: Baystone Limited
  • Ownership: Private
  • Care Home ID: 5098
Residents Needs:
Old age, not falling within any other category

Latest Inspection

This is the latest available inspection report for this service, carried out on 27th May 2010. CQC found this care home to be providing an Good service.

The inspector made no statutory requirements on the home as a result of this inspection and there were no outstanding actions from the previous inspection report.

For extracts, read the latest CQC inspection for Cranford Nursing Home.

What the care home does well The service ensures that the dignity and privacy of individuals` is respected. Any concerns or complaints are heard by the home and acted upon. The home is run in the best interests of those who live there. This includes providing individuals with written contracts or information about the home`s `terms and conditions`. People living at Cranford are supported by a team of suitable staff, who are well organised and supervised by experienced senior staff. What the care home could do better: Staff would benefit from receiving up to date training to ensure they can safely meet the needs of all people living at the service. This relates especially to manual handling and fire safety training. People`s medication is generally managed well but attention is needed to ensure that medication is checked by two staff to ensure accuracy and that the amount of medication is recorded on medication records. Random inspection report Care homes for older people Name: Address: Cranford Nursing Home 15 Cranford Avenue Exmouth Devon EX8 2HS two star good service The quality rating for this care home is: The rating was made on: A quality rating is our assessment of how well a care home, agency or scheme is meeting the needs of the people who use it. We give a quality rating following a full review of the service. We call this review a ‘key’ inspection. This is a report of a random inspection of this care home. A random inspection is a short, focussed review of the service. Details of how to get other inspection reports for this care home, including the last key inspection report, can be found on the last page of this report. Lead inspector: Michelle Oliver Date: 2 7 0 5 2 0 1 0 Information about the care home Name of care home: Address: Cranford Nursing Home 15 Cranford Avenue Exmouth Devon EX8 2HS 01395263295 01395267273 Telephone number: Fax number: Email address: Provider web address: Name of registered provider(s): Name of registered manager (if applicable) Martin David Ough Type of registration: Number of places registered: Conditions of registration: Category(ies) : Baystone Limited care home 26 Number of places (if applicable): Under 65 Over 65 26 old age, not falling within any other category Conditions of registration: 0 The maximum number of service users who can be accommodated is 26. The registered person may provide the following category of service only: Care home with nursing- Code N to service users of either gender whose primary care needs on admission to the home are within the following category: Old age, not falling within any other category- Code OP Date of last inspection Brief description of the care home Cranford Nursing Home is a detached 1920s building in a quiet residential part of the East Devon town of Exmouth. It provides residential accommodation to 26 older people who require nursing care. It is situated in attractive gardens. Accommodation is provided on two levels, and has a passenger lift and large staircase. Accommodation is Care Homes for Older People Page 2 of 9 Brief description of the care home provided in 24 single and 1 double room. 22 single rooms have en suite facilities. The home has a large, welcoming reception hall where seating is provided. Baystone Ltd. owns the Home and the responsible individuals are involved in its day-to-day management. The homes statement of purpose and service user guide is available at the home, which includes details about the philosophy of the home, a statement of terms and conditions and details about living at the home. This is made available to all potential residents before they make a decision about living at the home. A copy of the most recent inspection report is available on request. Information received from the home indicates that the current fees are £730 to £850 weekly depending on individual needs. Services not included in this fee include hairdressing, chiropody and personal shopping, laundering of delicate clothing or dry cleaning, televisions, visitors meals and transport at 25p per mile. Care Homes for Older People Page 3 of 9 What we found: Although this Random Inspection was carried out by 1 inspector, the term we is used in this report as the report is written on behalf of the Care Quality Commission. We were at the home from 10am - 4:30pm on a week day in May 2010, to carry out a site visit as part of this inspection. Before our visit, the home provided us with an Annual Quality Assurance Assessment (AQAA) as required. This is a form for telling us how the home is meeting the needs of the people that live there, including numerical information on matters relevant for a care service. We had also previously sent surveys to the home and received surveys back from one person currently living at the home, who had been helped to complete the form by someone else (such as a relative, or a staff member). During our visit, we spoke to 9 of the 24 people who were living in the home that day and to a visiting relative. We read the care records of 2 people we met who had recently moved into the home. We case tracked them as a way of helping us find out more about how the home cares for or supports individuals. We looked around the communal areas of the home that they used and at their bedrooms, as well as visiting the kitchen and laundry. We read other information, that would help to tell us how the home is run, including accident records and staff recruitment records. We talked with 2 care staff, a registered nurse, the registered manager and one of the directors. We looked at the homes procedures for admitting people to the home. The people we case tracked told us their family had chosen the home for them, after looking around it more than once in some cases. When we asked if information about the home had been provided in a suitable format for them as an individual, people confirmed it was. One person had been admitted to the service directly from a hospital as it was decided they needed a period of respite care prior to returning to their own home. We saw that comprehensive information had been gathered prior to the person being admitted. We found person centred detail in assessments of peoples needs that were kept with their current care plans. This included what someone could do for themselves, what might make a person anxious, and particular faith needs; some peoples Life story had been obtained, which would further help staff to see the person as an individual. This shows that the home reviews its assessments of peoples needs, something that services are required to do. The home carried out assessments of nutritional needs for each person, which is good practise. Information in relation to recording peoples wishes about their care should they become very ill or collapse.was not consistent (whether they would want active treatment, etc.). Staff we spoke with were aware of certain peoples preferences, their needs, and involvement of other professionals in meeting their needs. People surveyed said they always or usually received the care and support they needed, including medical care. This was reflected by the people we spoke with. We saw their medical problems were noted in care records and reflected in monthly reviews, with input sought from relevant professionals when necessary. Medication is generally well managed at the service. Records of the amount of medication ordered and received by the service are recorded, however, this was not recorded on the actual medication records. This means that it is not always clear what quantity of medication is being held for individuals. Balances of Care Homes for Older People Page 4 of 9 medications are not carried forward from previous monthly records making it difficult to audit medication. There was no evidence that the accuracy of the instructions had been checked where a staff member had written directions for administering medications on a medication record sheet. Controlled drugs were stored securely and recorded appropriately. The home looked homely and in good order throughout. The service employs a maintenance person who undertakes responsibility for maintenance of the home, and provides some training for all staff, and was attending to such matters during our visit. The AQAA showed that servicing of certain equipment, etc. was up to date. The water temperature of a bath used during our visit was at a safe level, with records of bath temperature checks by staff seen. Window restrictors were in place where checked for. Disposable gloves and aprons were available for staff to use, as part of the homes infection control measures. The kitchen and laundry areas were well maintained and clean. The accident book and conversations with staff reflected that there are a relatively low number of falls or other accidents at the home. The registered manager told us there is always a first aider on duty. The service does not look after personal monies for any of those living at the service; people are be billed monthly in arrears for any expenses. When we arrived, the manager was on duty with 1 registered nurse, 4 care assistants, a cleaner, laundry person, chef and kitchen assistant looking after 24 people who were at the home that day. The service has a robust recruitment process and this was confirmed when we looked at 3 recruitment files for recently employed staff. We found the home had obtained the required information before they began employment. We were unable to look at an induction training record for a recently recruited staff and were told that the record is held by the staff member, who was not on duty at the time of this visit. The service maintains individual records of training undertaken by all staff and also a general training matrix, the purpose of which is to highlight when training updates are required. We looked at the training matrix and it was clear that not all staff are up to date with required training. The manager agreed that this was a matter that needed to be looked into urgently to ensure that all staff were competent. When we spoke to staff they confirmed that although they had received training some needed updates. We also asked staff about their knowledge in relation to protecting people from abuse or harm. They knew agencies outside the home to which they could report safeguarding concerns if they thought someone was not being cared for properly or had been abused in other ways. All those we spoke to during this visit confirmed they would feel comfortable making a complaint to any member of staff. They felt sure that they would be taken seriously and the appropriate action would be taken. Care Homes for Older People Page 5 of 9 When asked in surveys, what the home does well, comments included The well being and care of the residents come first, friendly and caring family atmosphere in the nursing home, nothing is too much trouble for any of the staff and All staff work as a team, visitors are made very welcome. We found people live in homely, well maintained accommodation, which has a pleasant, accessible garden, and they enjoy the meals provided. They can keep in touch with family, friends and the local community. What the care home does well: What they could do better: If you want to know what action the person responsible for this care home is taking following this report, you can contact them using the details set out on page 2. Care Homes for Older People Page 6 of 9 Are there any outstanding requirements from the last inspection? Yes £ No R Outstanding statutory requirements These are requirements that were set at the previous inspection, but have still not been met. They say what the registered person had to do to meet the Care Standards Act 2000, Regulations 2001 and the National Minimum Standards. No. Standard Regulation Requirement Timescale for action Care Homes for Older People Page 7 of 9 Requirements and recommendations from this inspection: Immediate requirements: These are immediate requirements that were set on the day we visited this care home. The registered person had to meet these within 48 hours. No. Standard Regulation Requirement Timescale for action Statutory requirements These requirements set out what the registered person must do to meet the Care Standards Act 2000, Regulations 2001 and the National Minimum Standards. The registered person(s) must do this within the timescales we have set. No. Standard Regulation Requirement Timescale for action Recommendations These recommendations are taken from the best practice described in the National Minimum Standards and the registered person(s) should consider them as a way of improving their service. No Refer to Standard Good Practice Recommendations 1 2 9 30 Medication prescriptions when hand written should be witnessed and signed by two staff to ensure accuracy. All staff should receive training to meet the needs of people living at the home to ensure their health, welfare and safety. Care Homes for Older People Page 8 of 9 Reader Information Document Purpose: Author: Audience: Further copies from: Inspection Report Care Quality Commission General Public 0870 240 7535 (telephone order line) Our duty to regulate social care services is set out in the Care Standards Act 2000. Copies of the National Minimum Standards –Care Homes for Older People can be found at or got from The Stationery Office (TSO) PO Box 29, St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1GN. Tel: 0870 600 5522. Online ordering from the Stationery Office is also available: Helpline: Telephone: 03000 616161 Email: Web: We want people to be able to access this information. If you would like a summary in a different format or language please contact our helpline or go to our website. © Care Quality Commission 2010 This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part in any format or medium for noncommercial purposes, provided that it is reproduced accurately and not used in a derogatory manner or in a misleading context. The source should be acknowledged, by showing the publication title and © Care Quality Commission 2010. Care Homes for Older People Page 9 of 9 - Please note that this information is included on under license from the regulator. Re-publishing this information is in breach of the terms of use of that website. Discrete codes and changes have been inserted throughout the textual data shown on the site that will provide incontrovertable proof of copying in the event this information is re-published on other websites. The policy of is to use all legal avenues to pursue such offenders, including recovery of costs. You have been warned!

The Provider has not yet updated their profile and added details of the services and facilities they offer. If you are the provider and would like to do this, please click the "Do you run this home" button under the Description tab.

The Provider has not yet updated their profile and added details of the services and facilities they offer. If you are the provider and would like to do this, please click the "Do you run this home" button under the Description tab.

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